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of the economy this morning. when we'll learn if hurricane sandy also devastated the nation's job market. >>> incredible
will harm our economy. >> treasury secretary tim geithner also weighed in yesterday saying the president is willing to allow the nation to go over the cliff if republicans don't agree to raise taxes on the wealthy. >>> we are learning new details about colorado's shooting suspect james holmes now that thousand of e-mails in the case have been reap leased. messages indicate holmes may have had a brief romantic relationship in the days before the tragedy. we have learned that in early june, holmes began specifically talking and fantasizing about killing a lot of people. his psychiatrist was so worried that she broke confidentiality and then contacted campus police. >>> here in new york, a suspect has been charged with murder for shoving a man to his death on the subway tracks. police say, 30-year-old, naim davis admitted to pushing the victim after the two argued on the platform. the judge denied davis bail. he admitted to police he stayed on the platform watching the man get struck by the subway. >>> the long search for two missing iowa cousins apparently ended in heartbreak. the body of
as treasury secretary tim geithner confirmed mr. obama is prepared to take the economy over the cliff unless republicans agree to raise tax rates on the wealthy. >>> meantime in georgia, some activists expressed frustration about the stalemate in holiday spirit. they delivered symbolic lumps of kill to the offices of both of their state's u.s. senators. security guard met them, at chambliss' office. a few were let inside without the camera and media present. of course. that would have been the real story. >> folks are upset now. see what happens january 1 after you get the first paycheck and go, oh, this is what the fiscal cliff meant. yeah. 2013. the next story involves a new grassroots campaign that is starting. meant to draw attention to the nation's debt crisis. it is our "favorite story of the day." the campaign is called -- "the can kicks back." aimed at young people and features former republican senator allen simpson, a rather spry allen simpson at that. >> stop instagraming your breakfast and tweeting your problems and getting on youtube so you can see gangnam style. >> gangnam styl
's reaction, yeah. >>> also, a big bounce in home prices could mean good news for the entire economy. >> some of the hardest-hit states as well. arizona, california, florida. we're seeing a big turnaround. that's news everyone can celebrate. prices are up. >>> later this half hour, going to extremes. there is suddenly a backlash from the couponers. >> couponers. >> couponers. >> it's not coupon. it's coupon. >> i hear people say it both ways. is there a right or wrong way? >> it is coupon. i have done 7,000 stories for "gma" for couponing. >> couponing? not cue -- >> not like you are cute, it's a coup. >> oh, thank you. >> we will have a story on coupons about something. >> save money. >> whatever. >>> call it extreme sailing. meet the new speed racers of the high seas. this is not a sport for the faint of heart or for those that can't swim. >> excellent point. >>> first, though, a break in a case right here in new york. a subway death that was captured in an extremely chilling photograph. and it is now continuing to make national headlines. >> police have a man in custody, in monday's incide
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)